We would like to thank G-MES and team from both Sek Loong Trading & Construction Service Pte Ltd and G-MES International Pte Ltd for providing professional and efficient services for the term contract on improvement works under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme.

We are indeed delighted to receive an email from a resident, Ms Cindy Ng from Pine Close, complimenting your staff, G-MES and team for providing great service to her and her family. We would appreciate it if you could help us convey the kind compliments from Ms Ng to G-MES and team.

On behalf of HDB, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank your company for managing the EASE (Direct Application) cases well. We look forward to the same spirit of service from your company for future cases. Kudos again to G-MES and team for a job well done!


 Great proposal from G-MES International Pte Ltd on floor safety! My swimming pool has never felt so safe before. My guests’ feedback are this technology is wonderful and strongly encourage more safety implementation to the rest of the hotels. Not only that, we also received recognition from the rest of the hotels on this wonderful initiative on safety. Without G-MES, we will not be able to gain such knowledge on floor safety and proceeding decision to implement the floor safety works so swiftly.


 It has been years since the application of the SlipMedic Stone Grip on our walkway/stairways and we are extremely happy not only with the product which G-MES have installed to eliminate our slip & fall concerns, but also with the ongoing reporting of the floor condition that your company has provided over the past years, This valuable regular assessment and reporting feedback has allowed us to keep abreast on the ongoing condition on the floors and stairs at this property. Great job guys!


 I have been facing tremendous stress ever since my mum has been hospitalised due to a severe fall while returning back from market. I was referred by TOUCH Community Services to approach G-MES International Pte Ltd for arrangements to have my bathroom treated with anti-slip floor treatment. Due to my mum who will be discharging the very next day, I called G-MES immediately to seek help if they are able to squeeze schedule slot for me before my mum’s discharge. To my surprise, G-MES’s Customer Service was very helpful to assure me that they will help and I am impressed by their close follow-up calls to ensure available slots made/arrange specially per my special request in a prompt manner. Thumbs up for G-MES and team!



 Thank you for introducing the Service Maintenance Contract. Our council members and maintenance personnel are extremely happy with the results and find that the cleaning and maintenance of the floor has been easy thereafter. Recommendable especially to your Service Maintenance team whom has been very helpful and presented very professional especially in evaluating the floor condition and determining our housekeeping/maintenance regime. The product does what you said it would do, and we are very confident now that our patients / visitors will be safe with the anti-slip flooring.



 We were looking for a product that would not only make the wooden decks and ramps safe without causing any further problems for our staff or pupils, but also in a colour that would compliment our overall building colour scheme. G-MES International Pte Ltd offered the ideal solution. Whilst they had a range of non-slip products, we decided to go with their environmental friendly water-based SlipMedic Coat Grip to remedy the said problem. And they did it!! We are extremely pleased with the overall effect on the wooden surfaces, which both are visually pleasing as well as non-slip. We would at no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone concerned with potentially slippery surfaces.



 My JTeam was engaged by G-MES for their TVC and only then I realised the existence of floor safety management that remind me of the unsafe walking path, restaurants and filming scene that I visited. Shared by their MD, G-MES provides all kind of floor safety solution from newly heard anti-slip floor treatment to the usual anti-skid coating. Wow, how could we possibly ignore such amazingly safety specialist and products that would have render more and highest quality of goodness to our growing communities from all walks of life? Recently, I tested their product at my home and really have to salute to their expertise and safety solution. Penny for your thoughts, consider and get consultation from G-MES whenever you want to attain any peace-of-mind solution for floor safety. Think of it now, I will talk to all my kakis about this wonderful service and product. Not to give G-MES business (lol) but more importantly, your immediate action to prevent slip & fall incident starts from here!!

Founder, JTeam Productions

 We would like to express our heartiest appreciation to G-MES & Team for rendering their expertise knowledge, sharing floor safety option for me and my family. My entire family really enjoy the safety works rendered from them! My son has never skid while having his bathing session thereafter.



 We have had SlipMedic Stone Grip on our floors for over three years and it is still maximizing its grip life with no apparent loss at all of its non-slip properties. We started with the product on our main walkways and work areas, but now have extended it through the factory to include cold rooms and preparatory areas. G-MES International has offered great services and help with ideas for certain problem areas specific to our operation as well as excellent after sales service. We have recently sign-up for the Service Maintenance Contract and would certainly recommend this service contract as to the rest as we have been assured a peace of mind where safety is the concern, especially with the professional’s presence working closely with our facility team!



 We no longer have to worry about the risk to both our customers and staff when the surface is wet! G-MES’s SlipMedic Stone Grip treatment is amazing and we highly recommend them to all the Club Houses.


 G-MES International, we thank you for the 139 Complimentary movie tickets – Long Long Time Ago 2 at Vivo City Cinema on 24 May 2016. 127 TOUCH Seniors Activity Centre (TSAC) seniors, 6 TSAC staff and 6 TOUCH Home Care (THC) staff went for this movie. Many of our seniors gave positive feedback about the movie. They were very excited to meet the Director, Mr Jack Neo in person. There were happy and emotional moments in the movie that made our seniors laughed and cried. Some of the seniors told us that they are very grateful for the complimentary tickets as they have not been to the cinema for a long, long time. We thank you for complimentary tickets and efforts in making this a successful movie trip for our seniors and staff. Thank you.



 When I first heard the wonders of floor safety solution that G-MES shared with me, I am totally not convinced until their specialists came to my house and installed their Stone Grip application in my washrooms and areas that were exposed to wet conditions. Their specialists requested me to test the treated areas right after their installation, I am astonished and very pleased with the safety effect. The guys from G-MES are just so professional!! I only use G-MES for all floor safety solution and management, do you?


Mediacorp Artiste

 Have you experienced slip and fall on wet floor surface within your premise? I used G-MES SlipMedic Stone Grip and immediately I can feel the big difference! While the floor gripping is so effective and it is extremely SAFE to walk for me and my family now, really amazing! Whenever and wherever you find is slippery, I strongly and will only recommend G-MES! For me, am continuing to spread the good works of G-MES without any hesitation!


Mediacorp Artiste